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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mines [17/1/11]

Today is Suzzane's BIG BIG day. It's her 21+1 birthday. Haha. After class, we went out for celebration. As usual, only the 5 of us -- Ru Yi, Suzzane, Chris, Abang and I.

Chris accompanied Suzzane to clinic to get a MC while Ru Yi, Abang and I went to bakery to buy her a surprised birthday cake. We had a meal at Carl's Jr.

Burger + Fries + Drink

Halfway through, Suzzane was away to toilet. So, the 4 of us quickly cleaned up the messy table and get prepared with the surprised birthday cake.

Ta da...

The Surprised Birthday Cake

Our Birthday Girl

The birthday cake was indeed really delicious. It's a Black Forest cake. Yum Yum Yummy. Hehe.

We walked around awhile before we headed back to UKM.

Chinese New Year Decoration

Happy birthday, Suzzane. Stay happy and healthy always.

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