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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kuching, Sarawak --> My Hometown

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. It is the largest city on island of Borneo, and the fourth largest in Malaysia. Home to more than half a million souls, Kuching is the most modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan tourist haven in the East Malaysia.

It has a rich history dating back more than 200 years ago and was part of the Sultanate of Brunei until it was ceded to British adventurer James Brooke. Under the White Rajah’s rule, Kuching was made the administration capital.

The name Kuching can be translated to ‘cat’ in the Malay language, though the present spelling slightly differs. Thus, Kuching is well-known as the Cat City or City of Cats, as evident in the plentiful statues of felines and feline symbolism in the city halls’ emblem. It is the crown jewel of Sarawak.


i) Museums
  • Sarawak Museum

  • Sarawak Islamic Museum

  • Chinese History Museum

  • Kuching Cat Museum

  • Sarawak Timber Museum

  • Sarawak Textile Museum

ii) Historical Sites
  • The Astana

  • Fort Margherita

  • Tua Pek Kong temple

  • Main Bazaar

  • Carpenter Street

  • India Street

  • Sarawak Tourism Board

  • Padungan Street

iii) Others Places of Interest
  • Kuching Waterfront

  • Sunday Market, Satok

  • Kuching Civic Centre

  • Friendship Garden

  • Sarawak State Library

  • Sarawak State Legislative Assembly

iv) Attractions near Kuching
  • Bako National Park

  • Pulau Lakei, Bako

  • Kuching Wetlands National Park

  • Matang Wildlife Centre

  • Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

  • Gunung Gading National Park

  • Kubah National Park

  • Fairy Cave, Bau

  • Wind Cave, Bau

  • Man-made Blue Lake, Bau

  • Santubong

  • Damai Beach

  • Damai Puri

  • Sarawak Cultural Village

  • Jong's Crocodile Farm

  • Annah Rais Longhouse

  • Lundu Beach

  • Sematan Beach

  • Borneo Highlands

v) Events
  • Rainforest World Music Festival

  • Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

vi) Shopping
  • Sarawak Plaza

  • Tun Jugah

  • Riverside Majestic Shopping Complex

  • Crown Square

  • Hock Lee Shopping Podium

  • Wisma Saberkas

  • Wisma Satok

  • Wisma Hopoh

vii) Latest Mall
  • The Spring

  • Boulevard Shopping Complex

  • Green Heights Mall

  • One TJ

  • E-mart

  • Hills Shopping Mall

viii) Cuisine
  • Kuching 'Kolo Mee'

  • Sarawak Laksa

  • Beef Noodles

  • Manok Pansoh

  • Manok Kacangma

  • Umai

  • Midin

  • Spicy Broth

  • Mee Jawa

  • Corned Beef Bread

  • Nasi Aruk

  • Sarawak Layer Cake

  • Tomato Sauce Mee

  • Bubu Cha-cha
  • Kueh-Chap


  1. maybe, KUCHING will be my honeymoon place in the future...its great place=)