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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner's Menu [28&29/9/11]



Back to hostel life. Having dinner box for dinner again. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UKM 39th Convocation [24 - 27/9]

This year, UKM held it's 39th convocation in the month of September. We had this UKM Convocation Festival selling all kinds of graduation flowers and gifts as well. Everywhere is full with people.

Congrats to all my seniors who has graduated. All the best in your future. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting A New Semester

Last night, I managed to celebrate an early Mid Autumn Festival with my family. Today, I'm at another place. Why?? It is because my 4 months of semester break has come to its end.

2 years passed. And, I'm now in my final year. A stressful year for me indeed. But anyway, I'll do my best. Happy go lucky. =)



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love You [醉后决定爱上你]

Two strangers, both proposed marriage to their respective girl/boyfriend, were rejected on the same day. They decided that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, real drunk. During the 24 hours of their crazy drunkenness, these two stranger became fast friends and got married... to each other. When they finally sobered up, they embarked on a mission to undo every crazy thing they did while they were drunk and prayed that their girl/boyfriend wouldn't find out. However, it turns out that Jie Xiu's girlfriend, Ai Wei, doesn't want a scandal affecting her movie so she asks him to stay married to Xiao Ru for three months. This drama is another version of Fated To Love You.

Rainie Yang as Lin Xiao Ru
Joseph Chang as Song Jie Xiu
Tiffany Xu as Tang Ai Wei
Huang Hong Sheng as Di Shuo Huai
Tom Price as Xiang Ting Wei
Zhong Xin Ling as Cai meng Jun
Kingone Wang as Ren Yi Xiang
Renzo Liu as Li Da Fu
Di Zhi Jie as Tony
Bu Xue Liang as Paparazzi Jack
Deng Jiu Yun as Peggy
Wang Juan as Samantha
Lin Mei Xiu as A Sang
Yan Jia Le as Director Zhou
Luo Bei An as Long Ge
Song Xin Ni as Shen Hui Qin

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Schemes of a Beauty [美人心计]

During the early Western Han Dynasty, the young Dou YiFang's mother was drawn into a palace conflict which resulted in her entire family being executed. When she grew up, she unexpectedly entered the palace as a maid. She displayed extraordinary talents when she arranged for Consort Li's child to be swapped under the care of the Empress. Her intellects impressed the Empress Dowager, and she was ordered to marry the King of Dai so she could spy on them.

In order to rid the world of further sufferings under the regime, but at the same time earn the trust of Empress Dowager Lu, she suggested to her husband Liu Heng to start training his army under the guise of building his grand ceremonial tomb. People, believing that she was bringing downfall to the kingdom, pleaded for her to be put to death. But none the less, Liu Heng trusted her completely and subsequently made her his queen.

Their alliance finally led them to ascend to the throne of the glorious empire. But at the pinnacle of her power, she realized that her personal life was slipping away from her. In order to regain the love of her husband, in order to stop her children from killing one another, she weaved her womanly tactics to overcome every obstacle, and forged one of the golden ages in Chinese history known as the Rule of Wen and Jing. Her name is recorded in history, for us to marvel; she is Empress Dou of Wen.

Dai Chunrong as Empress Dowager Lu
Bai Shan as Empress Bo Ji
Luo Jin as Emperor Hui
Su Qing as Empress Zhang Yan
Sammul Chan as Emperor Wen
Ruby Lin as Empress Dou Yi Fang
Wang Likun as Concubine of Liu Heng
Feng Shaofeng as Prince Liu Zhang
Myolie Wu as Prince Liu Zhang's wife