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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheras Leisure Mall & Sungei Wang Plaza [5/1/11]

Yesterday after the Sociolinguitics tutorial class, Ru Yi, Suzzane, Christopher, Abang and I went to Cheras Leisure Mall. We had a full and nice lunch at Little Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

A Photo without Ru Yi

Tori Su Set Lunch

After lunch, we walked around. And, I bought a pair of new shoes.

Doll Shoes

There's nothing much to shop in Cheras Leisure Mall. So, Suzzane suggested us go to Sungei Wang Plaza. Only Suzzane, Ru Yi and I went there while Christopher and Abang headed back to UKM.

Boys don't really like shopping. They prefer gaming inside room. Am I right?? Haha.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. The previous Christmas decoration has been changed to Chinese New Year decoration. And, Chinese New Year songs are played all around too.

Chinese New Year Decoration

Although it's a weekday but there were also many people shopping around. Here, I bought a set of clothes.

Top + Jean Skirt

And, I bought some Chinese New Year goodies too.

Sweets and Puddings

I wonder will this be my last Chinese New Year shopping?? Haha. I'm already in Chinese New Year mood. Gong xi ya gong xi. ^^

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