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Thursday, December 2, 2010

What To Do??

What can I do what should I do so that mummy can live a happy life?? It has been a long time I didn't see mummy smiling already. 2 more weeks I'm leaving Kuching and going back to UKM for my new semester. How am I suppose to leave with this kind of situation??

Whenever we touch about money things, mummy sure will quarrel about my stupid uncle's big sum debts. 3 years ago, he came crying and begging daddy to lend him money. He promised he'll payback daddy an actual sum every month. Daddy is a soft hearted person so sure he'll help without thinking much. Days and days, months and months, even years and years passed by but we didn't received any money from him. And do you know what?? They live a comfortable life with a big house and nice cars to drive. They pretend this thing never happened before. But my family... We had a hard time and need to save money starting from the beginning because of him. Damn angry right??

Not that I want to blame anybody. Is just that sometimes I'll feel that life is fooling my family. Every unlucky things always happened on us while other people are all enjoying their good life without thinking about our exist. It's unfair.

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