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Monday, December 6, 2010

Romance [罗曼史]

Yoon-hee is so harassed by her husband's obsession and frantic love, that even breathing is painful to her. One day, her sudden suicide attempt is foiled when someone takes her in his arms and saves her. Hyung-jun is a rough-looking detective. He asks nothing, but maybe he knows that for some people, just being alive is hard enough.

Yoon-hee goes looking for Hyung-jun, and from the moment she sees him, she could feels that he already loves her deeply. Because she knows it is totally impossible to be free from her prison of marriage, the peace and happiness she feels at Hyung-jun's side is heartbreaking and frightening. Hyung-jun, used to his life of loneliness and despair, loves Yoon-hee at the first sight, but as he can't do anything for her, he just lets her go. The only thing he can do is to offer her and himself some comfort.

Jo Jae-hyeon as Hyung-jun
Kim Ji-soo Yoon-hee

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