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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Girlfriend is an Agent [特工强档/七级公务员]

No one ever think that Ahn Soo-ji, a lady with a lovely and beautiful appearance, is actually a government spy with six years experience. Disguised as a travel agent, her boyfriend, Lee Jae-joon doesn't know her secret identity. Soo-ji always lies when she is on duty. One day, Jae-joon couldn’t take her lies anymore and breaks up with her. Jae-joon leaves without notice, leaving Soo-ji struggling alone with her sadness.

Three years later, Jae-joon returns as an international accountant. His another secret identity is a government spy. Jae-joon is asked to investigate a Russian organized crime group who wants to steal an advance chemical weapon from Korea. While on duty, Jae-joon bumps into Soo-ji. Disguised as a cleaning lady, Soo-ji is also on duty. Both of them don't know each other's secret identity. They also don't know that they are working on the same case.

Kim Ha-neul As Ahn Soo-ji
Kang Ji-hwan As Lee Jae-joon

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