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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Millionaire's First Love [百万富翁的初恋]


Kang Jae-kyung is a typical spoiled rich kid. At his 18th birthday, he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, but it comes with a price. Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwondo and graduate. Until then he earns nothing. If he fails to graduate or drop out then he loses everything.

Shortly after settling into his new home, he meets 19 years-old Choi Eun-whan. They don’t exactly hit it off. Jae-kyung is far too stubborn and cool for school, while Eun-whan sees hope for him and sets out to make him see it for himself. Thanks to a set of coincidences and school projects, they eventually draw closer and learn more about one another, but soon a shattering revelation will change these people forever or something.


Hyeon Bin as Kang Jae-kyung

Lee Yeon-hee as Choi Eun-whan

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