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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fly, Daddy Fly [飞吧,爸爸]

19 years old Go Seung-suk is a quiet, mature, likes to read books and thinking student. He takes control of his own life and is a master of fighting who can 1 person vs 17 people. Seung-suk loves fighting, but he accidently gets hurt once. After recovering, it turns into a psychological shadow and from that day onwards, he never simply fights anymore. 40 years old Jang Ga-pil is a coward and weak businessman. One day, his only daughter being bullied but because the boy's parents work for the county so he can't appeal the incident. Ga-pil found out that Kang Tae-wook is a school boxing star. Realizing he has no background and money to fight back, Ga-pil plans to stab Tae-wook on his way to school. His reaction was stopped by Seung-suk, who agrees to teach him fighting.

Lee Jun-ki as Go Seung-suk
Lee Moon-sik as Jang Ga-pil

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