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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [我的女友是九尾狐]

A 500 years sleeping gumiho (Shin Min Ah) accidently being set free and stays together with a human being guy, Cha Tae Woong. When Tae Woong finds out that she is a gumiho, he ends up doing crazy things to prevent the girl from eating his liver.

Lee Seung Ki as Cha Tae Woong
Shin Min Ah as Gumiho
No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo
Park Soo Jin as Eun Hye In
Sung Dong Il as Ban Doo Hong
Hyo Min as Ban Seon Nyun
Byun Hee Bong as (Tae Woong’s grandfather)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Cha Min Sook (Tae Woong’s aunt)

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