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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Graduates

We've done with our OCS creative presentation this afternoon. It's a musical sketch performance entitled -- The Graduates.

The Official Poster

We all did a great job and all the sacrifices are worth doing. Surprisingly, the hall was full of audiences. They clapped and sang along all the songs together with us. They really do enjoyed watching our show. And, even the Chair of school graded us each an A for this course. WOW. Congrats to everybody in the course.

A big family photo with lecturers after the show

Yeah!! We did it...

My geng

I'll certainly miss this OCS course very much but it's not the end yet. We'll had a lunch date with our lecturer, CK as a celebration for the success. I can't wait for it. And, before I forget, I would like to thanks my big brother -- Wei Jian and my BSMM friends -- Suah Lian and Chuin Hao for coming to the show and gave me supports. ^^

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