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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kajang [8/10/10]

Having a late lunch cum early dinner with Abang and Ru Yi. The 3 of us had been discussing about our creative presentation musical sketch till forget about our meals. By the time we stepped out of the classroom, it was going to rain. Abang suggested if Rapid KL bus arrives first then we go Kajang to eat but if Zon 2 or 3 campus bus arrives first then we back to our rooms to rest. In the end, Rapid KL arrives first so we hoped up the bus and met Diana, Fatin and Nadya. The 3 of them were going to sing karaoke. Ru Yi met her direct junior who was going back home too.

Abang, me and Ru Yi, the 3 of us decided to eat at Station Kopitiam, Metro Kajang.

My Order -- Fish and Chips with Fried Rice + Cincau Soya drink

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