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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Life of Back in University After Raya Mid Semester Break

[20/9 - 1/10/10]
2 weeks passed. Wow!! For that period of time, I'm damn busy and stress and tiring with a mountains of activities, assignments, duties, practices, presentations, quizzes, reports and bla bla bla.
  1. OCS 1 minute speech
  2. Academic Reading summary outline assessment
  3. submit Academic Writing mini research report draft copy
  4. BSMM ajks meeting
  5. BSMM first aid workshop and juniors first aid exam
  6. OCS creative project practice
  7. Kemahiran Berfikir group project presentation
  8. BSMM blood donation duties
  9. OCS workshop presentation
  10. German test
  11. Pengantar Falsafah group project presentation
My schedule damn packed and scary right?? But now, it's over already. Today, I finally can get my butt sitting down in front of my laptop and online.

Recalling back...

That day is Nadya's 21st birthday and we gave her a simple celebration party.

The Cake

Nadya and her boyfriend, Ameer

My geng

[26/9 - 29/9/10]
That few days don't know why out of a sudden my hostel block didn't have water supply or I should say mostly of the girls blocks didn't have water to use. Everyday I need to climb up and down the stairs [my room in 5th floor] many times to go to the other girls block to bath and wash my dirty clothes. Very frustrated you know. But now, it's okay already. My block got water to use already. Thanks to the water company technician came to solve the water supply problems. Hopefully it won't happen again.

That day my school [School of Language and Linguistic] having a Raya celebration. All the lecturers and students gather together eating, chatting, gossiping and taking many many many photos.

ELS Group

ELS group with a foreign student [the guy standing beside me]

I'm feeling slightly sick. I hope it won't turn worst and will recover soon cause final is coming soon. Hereby, I would like to wish everyone good luck. ^^

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