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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ice Room, Bangi & The Mines [21/4/11]

On a hot sunny afternoon, Elven suddenly nudge me in Facebook Chatbox and ask me bring along Ru Yi out for a lunch with his friend, Jared.

My Order:

Tropical Mixed Fruit Snow Ice

 Deep Fried Durian Tempura

Fish Fillet with Thousand Island Sauce

After lunch, Ru Yi and I took KTM to The Mines for a movie -- The Last Dragon.

What was meant to be a quiet vacation for a boring archaeological dig in China, follows two young teenagers Josh and Ling, who meet each other while following their parents on the expedition. Not long after, strange and mysterious things starts to take place and unfolds into a sighting of a "monster", deep in a cave whose entrance has been hidden by a temple for thousands of years. The teenagers soon realise that the "monster" is an ancient Chinese Dragon trapped on earth, but as the sleeping dragon gets awoken, a breathtaking struggle between good and evil awakes from slumber as well.

Sam Neill, Jordan Chan, Louis Corbett, Robert Mammone

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