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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Kacang Puppy Love [初恋红豆冰]

A woman brings her daughter, Da Jia Yu, and runs away from her husband. They live in a small old town and stay at a friend's house. The son of the kopitiam tauke, Botak falls in love with this small little girl. In Botak's life, Da Jia Yu plays an important role. She accompanies Botak till they grow up. Botak secretly admires Da Jia Yu. Along the journey, he explores the meaning of true love, devotion and forgiveness.

Ah Niu
Angelica Lee Sum-Kit
Gary Chaw
Fish Leong
Victor Wong
Yi Jet Qi
Angela Chan
Eric Moo Kai-Yin
Chan Kwok-Kwan
Nicholas Teo
Penny Tai

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