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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not There Anymore

All this while I'm searching for a girl's blog. She's not my friend. I don't even know her. But why I want to read her blog?? It is because a friend of mine told me that she wrote a post about me. It ain't a friendly post. It's a post of scolding me and teasing me. Many friends of hers left comments too. I just want to read but I couldn't find it. Maybe she changed her blog's url?? Or maybe she deleted her blog already?? But never mind. It's a long time ago's post already. I believe that she didn't mean to hurt me and I think that there's some misunderstanding of her to me.

Right here I would like to say I don't blame her and I apologize if I really did hurt her feelings in indirect way. Sorry, unknown friend.

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