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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hero [可疑的英雄]

Jin Do Hyuk is a clever and talented reporter working for a racy tabloid called the Monday Seoul. He would use any ideas to get a scoop. One day, Do Hyuk goes to interview Jo Yong-deok, the boss of the Axe gang. Yong-deok suggests that they start their own newspaper. Do-hyuk lies about the credentials of his former co-workers when he introduces them to Yong-deok as potential hires for the newspaper venture. With his former co-workers on board, Do Hyuk is able to launch the Yongdeok Daily together with Yong-deok. They help other victims of society’s crimes, becoming a modern hero who battles against the non-ethical. Soon, Do Hyuk falls in love with Joo Jae In, a passionate policewoman with a strong sense of journalistic responsibility.

Lee Jun-ki as Jin Do Hyuk
Yoon Soy as Joo Jae In
Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong
Baek Yoon-sik as Jo Yong Deok

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