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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Bratty Princess [刁蛮公主]

Last night, I'd finished watching all the 36 episodes of this drama. It's funny and entertaining.

Emperor Zhu Yun always sneaks out of the Palace to tap public views on the royal court and to enjoy some freedom that he cannot have inside the Palace. He comes across a girl, Situ Jing, who is actually the princess of the previous dynasty, who loves to hang around dressed in men's clothes. They fall in love with each other - but the ex-princess seems too energetic to be confined in the Palace!

Jang Nara as Situ Jing/Xiao Long Xia
Alec Su as Emperor Zhu Yun
Lu Xing as Bai Yun Fei
Bao Lei as Princess An Ning


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