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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Just now I reached Kuching half an hour earlier from the schedule timed. I'm feeling great to step my feet at the land of my hometown. Hehe.

The flight I took was actually extremely terrible horrible and vegetable. I'm being placed to sit surrounded by a group of Malays family with their small small kids. Along the journey they were damn noisy. The adults were talking non stop and their kids were crying and screaming non stop. Ish. A gentleman uncle sitting on my right hand side can't stand the noisy noises and changed his seat to the back of the plane.

Back home, mummy cooked a rich lunch for me to eat -- vegetable soup with fish balls, meat balls and crab meat balls; curry prawns and steam pork meat. My younger brother packed KFC from the airport too -- cheesy wedges; french fries and mashed potato. Slurp~

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