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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Questions questions questions

Why why why?? Tell me why?? Why am I so unlucky this year?? I feel like falling from heaven to hell. I feel like life is fooling me. I... I... I'm speechless already.

I'd received 3 bad news continuously.
  1. School overloaded teachers so need to get rid 2 temporary teachers. I'm one of them who was asked to leave.
  2. Education course interview. I'm not one of them who was being selected.
  3. USM incident. Because of some technical problems my name from being selected become being deleted. [What kind of excuse is this??]

I'd already book my flight ticket to Penang. I'd already bought a big luggage. I'd already started to do preparation. But in the end, everything turns into emptiness. I wasted my energy. I wasted my time. And
most of all, I wasted money. [Sorry to daddy]

Why why why?? Why every not good things that happened always sure will involved me?? Can anybody tell me why?? Haiz.

Dear God. Did I do anything wrong to receive these punishments?? I'm sorry if I did. I hereby sincerely apologize. I promise that I'll try to change. I really will. Please forgive me and give me a chance to change.

I hope that 3 weeks later, the name lists that UPU release will have my name. I hope that I'm being selected to either university to study either course. Please don't leave me behind.

I hope to receive good news. I don't hope to receive anymore bad news. Cause I can't stand it anymore. Please please please.

I sincerely praying for your kindness help. Thanks.

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