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Sunday, May 17, 2009

2B Class

This few nights I've been continuously dreaming about my students in my dreams. Maybe it's because I too miss them already.

Especially my 2B class's students. I used to see them everyday in school when I was a temporary teacher. I teach them Bahasa Malaysia, one of the important subjects. But now, I'd stopped my teaching already and there's another teacher replacing me teaching them. I do hope that they can still maintain their good results.

Talking about 2B class. These are those students that I really miss and never ever will forget. I'll cherished all the sweet memories we went through deep inside my heart. They're the best students that I've ever taught.

Ermm... First of all of cause is my dear student -- Gan Xin Yee. She's a state swimmer. I think so. And, one of the Top 10 students in class. She likes sports a lots. A very active girl indeed. Her ambition is to become a lawyer cause she says she likes to scold people. Her idols are Taylor Swift [She hopes she could become beautiful like her] and Michael Phelps [She hopes she could swim faster like him] She likes Mickey Mouse cause she says he's very cute but her favorite is Spongebob Squarepants.

I've already forgotten since when did I start becoming very close with her but what I know is wherever she is sure you can hear laughters. Hmmm...

Then, her buddies.
  • Au Yong Leng Wai
She's a very gentle girl with soft voice.

  • Chua Xiao Hui
She's a very good girl and one of the school prefect.

  • Karen Sim
She's a very funny girl who likes to laugh a lots.

  • Kuek Su Bun
She's a very tall girl who likes to read books and one of the school prefect too.

  • Ling Hsin Nie
She's a very daring girl and will always quarrel with Xin Yee for fun.

  • Loh Mei Gee
She's a very straight forward girl who would say out everything that she's thinking inside her mind.

  • Melinda Chong
She's a good speaker especially in Chinese and she won the 1st Runner Up prize in the inter school poetry competition. She's also this 2B class's head monitor.

  • Oh Jia Xin
She's also one of the school prefect and a member of the school choir team. She can plays the piano very well. A Grade 8 pianist.

  • Pui Rou Hui
She's a small size girl who cares about others very much.

  • Sarah Heu
She's a scout girl who involves actively in all the activities organized.

There's some other more but it would takes me some times if I want to mention finish all of them. I'll just say that each and every of them are unique to me. I do miss them a lots.

Exam starts on next Wednesday. The first paper is Bahasa Malaysia paper 2.
I wish all the best to all of you. Good luck. ^^

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