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Monday, May 18, 2009

1B Class

A student in 1B class says that I only care for my 2B class's students. Hmmm...

To this little girl, she knows who she is. Hehe. I miss your class a lots too. Everyday I'll hear you all mumbling to me about your new moral teacher. After listening to those just makes me feel more missing you all.

Even though I'm not your teacher already but I'll still continue helping you all. I'm glad that the Moral notes which I emailed to you all did help much in the studies.

I can't remember well every student's name in this class cause I only get to see them 3 periods per week. But, I can still manage to remember some.

Especially this little gal -- Desnee Hung [She's the little girl I mentioned above] She'll chat with me in MSN whenever she's online. Nearly every night I think.

Ermm... She's a very gentle and polite girl who had just being nominated to be the new assistant class monitor. Congratulations!!

Your form teacher nominated you among all your classmates means that she trusts you. Try not to disappoint her. Just do your job and help Brenda when she's busy. You don't need to bother about what some people had said about you behind your back. They are just feeling jealous to you. I think so. And, thank you very much for teaching me how to change my blog's layout the other day. Thanks, Desnee. ^^

Other students which I remembered.
  • Amy Su
She admires me for having so many emoticons in my MSN.

  • Angelina Tan
She scores the highest marks for my Moral subject in Ringkas 1 exam.

Keep up the good job.

  • Brenda Chan
She's this 1B class's head monitor.

On my last day of teaching, you pinched my hand. Ouch!! It hurts.

  • Bryan Wee
He's a member of Red Crescent.

Next time please read carefully the instructions before you start answering the question paper cause if not you might lost many marks.

  • Chai Xinjie
Damien says me and her looks alike. Is it??

  • Chong Jia Yi
She likes to help me to copy Moral notes on the blackboard.

Thanks, Jia Yi. And, Xinjie too. I appreciate it.

  • Chang Yeyen
She's active in asking questions which she don't understand.

Good reacts.

  • Damien Sim
He's the former assistant monitor with a loud voice and may be rude sometimes.

Please change your behaviour if can.

  • Derrick Boh
He's quite a daring boy. Students say he feels reluctant to me the most. Is it??

  • Edna Wee, Mr Wee's youngest daughter
Like her elder sister, she's very active in Chinese things.

Your Chinese calligraphy's writting is very neat and nice. I love it.

  • Ignatius Jee
He's quite a blur boy.

  • Jacinda Sim
She's a troublesome girl who always get pink form.

Please be a good girl. Don't bully other students and tell lies to teachers anymore. And, the most important thing is respect your teachers. Please remember what you've promised Ms Wee.

  • Jason Heu, 2B class Sarah Heu's younger brother
He's quite a forgetful boy who sometimes forget to bring my Moral book to school.

  • Jessie Su
She's a Wushu girl.

  • Joshua Chen
He sits besides Jason Heu in class but will always change place with Kian Ming during my Moral class.

I think it's better for you to go to check your eyesight. Maybe it's time for you to change a new spectacles already.

  • Lai Kian Ming
He's a boy who likes to smile to everybody.

  • Ng Miaw Ling
She's a good and quiet girl in class.

  • Ryan Kerry Jee
He's a member of swimming club and a boy who likes to say hello to me in class.

Many people say you sang well during the teachers' day nomination. Too bad I have class. If not I'll go to the school hall and see you sing personally.

  • Ting Jia Hie
She's a hardworking girl who will do finish all the Moral homework that I gave in class.

Other students which I can't remembered.

I'm very sorry cause my memory not very good. Please forgive me. And, exam starts on the day after tomorrow. All the best to all of you. Good luck. ^^

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