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Friday, November 4, 2011

Doomsday Prophecy

Strange things start happening beginning with disappearing of Black Sea which is later engulfed by the crater created by earthquake. Officials find that all this is happening according to Doomsday Prophecy novel by Rupert Crane who had beforehand written novels about many disasters which had happened before. Eric is called and sent to collect the manuscript of the recent novel from Crane. Afterwards Brooke receives call from Crane calling her to meet him. Eric is first to reach but finds Crane dead. By accident he touches a rod held in Crane's hand and sees visions of future. Brooke arrives shortly but blames Eric for murdering Crane. They find a video recording by Crane telling them he foresaw what was about to happen and give them precise instruction for their work. Following the clues, they discover that the rod is part of an ancient device similar to the Mayan statues of Easter Island; when the rod is inserted into the head of one of the statues, it will trigger an 'anti-doomsday' machine that will ward off the gravitational forces being generated by a distant dying star. Despite a general's attempt to interfere with their actions in the belief that he can shape a new world from the survivors- during which it is revealed that Crane was Eric's father-, the assistance of FBI agents who had been tracking Eric and Brooke buys Eric enough time to place the rod and activate the device.

Jewel Staite as Brooke Kelvin
Alan Dale as General
A.J. Buckley as Eric Fox
Gordon Tootoosis as John
Matthew Kevin Anderson as Dennis
Rick Ravanello as Henning
Bruce Ramsay as Garcia

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