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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Life And Times Of A Sentinel [紫禁惊雷]

The sudden death of the young Shunzhi Emperor shocked the whole kingdom. The second prince, Fuquan, was originally the successor for the throne, but Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang changed the successor to the third prince, Xuanye, who subsequently becomes the Kangxi Emperor. Angry with this, Fuquan dispatches a spy, Nip Dor-po, and instructs him to gain Kangxi’s trust.

Steven Ma as Nip Dor Bou
Kenneth Ma as Prince Fuk Chuen
Power Chan as Emperor Hong Hei
Selena Li as Princess Duen Man
Natalie Tong as Princess Kwai Lun
Elaine Yiu as Man Kwan
Evergreen Mak as Bou Chai
Tsui Wing as Prince Sueng Ning
Grace Wong as Consort Wai
Christine Kuo as Princess Kin Ching
Rosanne Lui as Consort Chan

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