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Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Go Breaking My Heart [单身男女]

Chi Yan is an analyst who just broke up with her boyfriend as he was having a baby with another woman. Sean, a CEO of a broker firm knew Chi Yan as her office is just opposite of his. He liked Chi Yan all the while, but knew that she was in a relationship and did not want to interfere, and started to take action as he saw what happened in the bus between Chi Yan, her ex, and his current wife. However, Kevin, an engineer, who dressed shabbily, and an alcoholic helped Chi Yan out when she was heartbroken by her ex. With Chi Yan's support and, Kevin decided to pick up designing again, and dated her to meet up again a week later. Chi Yan totally forgot about it as she was starting out with Sean, but it did not work out as Sean had a one night stand with Angelina who started with a misunderstanding and ended his relationship with Chi Yan. Sean later shifted his office as he economy crisis made him lost a big sum of money and went over to US. Three years later, Sean came back as Chi Yan's boss. He tried to win her heart again, but was always pulled back as he could not endure women seduction. Chi Yan was disappointed with him, and met Kevin back, as his new office was Sean's old office. Both guys are now chasing after Chi Yan. She loves both of them, but chose Kevin in the end as he moved her with great sincerity and love.

Louis Koo as Sean Cheung
Daniel Wu as Kevin Fong
Gao Yuanyuan as Ching Chi Yan

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