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Monday, May 23, 2011

All's Well, Ends Well 2011 [最强喜事]

Wealthy oil-tycoon Ken buys a mainland cosmetic company for his girlfriend Dream. Dream, having not a clue on how to run a business, enlists the help of popular make up artist Sammy for help. Sammy is highly effeminate, but he's heterosexual and uses his effeminate nature to get closer to girls. Sammy picks down to earth girl Claire as his assistant. When Sammy runs into trouble he turns to Arnold, a successful cosmetic salesman. Arnold has most girls figured out, except his ex-girlfriend Mona, who works as a writer. Billionaire Smoothie has recently broken up with his ex-girlfriend Victoria and he soon falls for Claire...

Donnie Yen as Arnold
Louis Koo as Sammy
Carina Lau as Mona
Raymond Wong as Ken
Cecilia Cheung as Claire
Chapman To as Syd Liu
Lynn Hung as Victoria
Ni Yan as Dream

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