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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scent of Love [就是要香恋]

Ming Tian Qing and Qi Ling meet in Vietnam after she loses her late mother's engagement ring. They do not get along from the start, and after Qi Ling finds Tian Qing's ring they never want to see each other again. However, at the airport back in Taiwan, Xiang Zhi Yang, a long time admirer, has thrown together a huge proposal ceremony for Tian Qing. She panics and tells him that Qi Ling is already her fiance. Qi Ling has always liked Zhen Zhen, who has always cared more about becoming famous than him. But when she finds out that Qi Ling is getting married, she gets jealous and decides to get revenge by breaking up the couple.

Viter Fan as Qi Ling
Alice Ceng as Ming Tian Qing
Kingone Wang as Xiang Zhi Yuan
Tiffany Xu as Li Zhen Zhen

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