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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mid Valley [7/3/10] & 1 Day Seminar [9/3/10]

It has been a long time I didn't update a new post already. This week I'm totally exhausted with tonnes of assignments and quizzes. There are still many more coming up next. But. Hehe. I still manage to empty out some times for an outing.

That day whole UKM. Ermm... Later I heard is whole Bangi didn't have electric supply starting from 10am till 8pm. So, everybody is going out including me and my coursemates too. As I expected, all the buses and KTM station are full with people.

Lunch at Teppanyaki

Watched a movie -- Solomon Kane

A mercenary who owes his soul to the devil redeems himself by fighting evil.

James Purefoy as Solomon Kane
Max von Sydow as Josiah Kane
Rachel Hurd-Wood as Meredith Crowthorn
Samuel Roukin as Marcus Kane

The story line was nice but it's full of chopping heads and bodies parts. Next time I won't let Chris choose movie already.

Wedding Planning Exhibition

We accidently bumped into this event so we just walk in for a look. All the wedding dresses designs were awesome.

Tea break at Big Apple Donuts

Dinner at Popeye

That day we didn't have our ICT tutorial lab cause we're all being invited to attend a 1 day seminar cum launching ceremony at Berjaya Time Square Hotel.

A video clip which i edited myself containing of photos that I took during this event

Among all the photos, this is the one which I like the most.

A big family photo with Dr. Norizan after the launching ceremony

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