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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Learning Korean

This morning I had my very first Korean class. My lecturer is a Korean man.

Wow. He speaks Korean very well. I wish that I could speak Korean as fluent as him one day later. It's fun.

Today he taught us single vowels and single consonants and some simple greeting words.

  • 10 single vowels
ㅏ a, ㅑ ya, ㅓ eo, ㅕ yeo, ㅗ o, ㅛ yo, ㅜ u, ㅠ yu, ㅡ eu, ㅣ i

  • 14 single consonants
ㄱ g, ㄴ n, ㄷ d, ㄹ r, ㅁ m, ㅂ b, ㅅ s, ㅇ -/ng, ㅈ j, ㅊ ch, ㅋ k, ㅌ t, ㅍ p, ㅎ h

  • some simple greeting words
hello/ hi = an nyong ha se yo
may I introduce myself = je sogereul halkkeyo

my name is ... = je ireumeun ... immida

I'm ... = jeoneun ... immida

what's your name? = ireumi mwoeyo?

excuse me =
sheelay hamnida
thank you = kamsa hamnida

goodbye = an nyong hi ga se yo

father = abeoji

mother = eomeoni

brother = hyeongje
sister = jamae

grandfather = harabeoji
grandmother = halmeoni

boy's elder brother = hyeong
boy's elder sister = nuna

girl's elder brother = oppa

girl's elder sister = eonni

younger brother/ sister = dongsaeng

friend = chin gu

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