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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Genting 2 Days 1 Night Christmas Countdown Trip [24&25/12/09]

Back from Genting last night. Altogether we had 16 people joined this Christmas countdown trip.

Tell you all something crazy. My seniors only booked a room and all of us squeezed inside this 1 room. I'm sure there's a big question mark appearing inside all of your minds now. "How do we sleep at night??" Am I right?? Hehe.

I experienced some new things during this trip. My seniors brought us went in pub and casino while my friends brought me went in snooker place.

Seems like all are not good experiences but I'm glad to experience them once cause I used to be curious about how actually inside look like. Before I only get to know through the television shows.

Here's some photos that I took during the trip.

Genting Skyway Ride

Inside the Cable Car

First World Hotel Lobby

Eating Steamboat

Indoor Theme Park

At the Garden

Sleeping Inside the Hotel Room

Inside the Snooker Place

Luckily I still have this group of seniors and friends to celebrate this year Christmas with. If not I'm sure lonely alone during this occasion inside my hostel room cause I'm far away from my family at my hometown.

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