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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Magic To Win [开心魔法 ]

Cheng Meisi was naturally born with superpoweres inherited from her father, Professor Hong and such gifts had changed her life drastically. Not only did she enjoy any daily conveniences brought by her powers, it also contributed in the achievements over her volleyball career. However, these victories earned by using superpowers ironically resulted in breaking the unity and friendship among her teammates hence all triumph soon became meaningless.

Having shared weal and woes, taken guidance from teachers and her father, and overcame numerous break thaking matches, the girls finally realize the importance of family and friendship. It is only through ceaseless self-training should one may truly possess a power beyond imagination.

Raymond Wong as Professor Hong
Wu Chun as Ling Fung
Louis Koo as Gu Xinyue
Karena Ng as Cheng Meisi
Wu Jing as Bi Yewu

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