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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malaysia in Narration Assignment 3: Poster

All this while, I've always had an interest with designs. But this time, I face all sorts of difficulties. I nearly 'vomit' in the process of completing a task. There's an exhibition for the posters we ELS's group versus the ELIT's group did, based on key words and elements of literature from the chosen text and based on theme of the text. The poster is divided into 2 parts -- fact and fiction. For the fact, we need to find newspaper cutting on 21st century social illness while for the fiction, is the poem or short story.

This is the output of my group:-

Thanks to my lecturer, Dr. Raihanah for leading us in completing the task. And. we're really very sorry for keep on disturbing you for suggestions and opinions. Lastly, I hope that tomorrow's exhibition will go smoothly.

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