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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anger Is Never Without A Reason

Damn angry. Monday morning I sent my laptop to Acer service centre for reformatting. The service counter lady says I can get it back by afternoon or latest Tuesday. Yesterday I called and the reception counter lady says she'll check and call me back. I waited and waited but I didn't receive any call from them.

This morning I called again. The service counter lady says they haven't done with the reformatting cause they need to wait the original software from the headquarter. I tell my parents about it and they ask me to cancel the service cause I'm leaving to study and didn't have enough time to wait. So I call back and tell them I want to cancel and refund back my deposit but the service counter lady don't allow. Mummy takes over my call and argues with her. In the end, she asks mummy to see her manager. So we went over but the manager was busy with his meeting. Never mind. We wait. But long enough [I think got about half an hour like that] My parents get fade up and ask when can we actually meet the manager. The service counter lady gave us a lots of reasons then the manager finally opens his GOLDEN MOUTH and says can refund back our deposit to us.

Ish. First time met this kind of lousy service. I surely never ever will go there again.

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