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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mid Valley [15/8/10] & Fang Lim's 21st Birthday

Because I'm bored inside my room and at the same time when replying comments on Fang Lim's wall yesterday, Wei Jian suggested we had an outing today.

Breakfast at Food Court -- Yong Tau Foo

Watched a movie -- Love in Disguise

Famous from an incredibly young age, Du Ming-Han has only ever known a celebrity pop star existence. Yet, despite all the glamour, there is still something lacking in his charmed life -- true love. With the help of fellow musician and friend Wei Zhi-Bo, Ming-Han disguised himself as a regular Joe in the hope of finding true love. While incognito, both of them stumble across the performance of a classical Chinese orchestra. Ming-Han is immediately captivated by the melodies of the guzheng soloist, Song Xiao Qing, a student at the Shanghai Conservatory, whose affections lie with the accomplished but arrogant virtuoso, Mu Fan. In his attempt to spend more time with Xiao Qing, Ming-Han promises to help her get together with Mu Fan. As Ming-han and Xiao Qing get closer, it becomes increasingly difficult to conceal his identity.

Leehom Wang as Du Ming-Han
Yifei Liu as Song Xiao-Qing
Joan Chen as Joan
Han Dian Chen as Wei Zhi-Bai
Zhenyu Qiao as Mu Fan

Lunch at Oh! Sushi -- Mayonis Pork Bento and Agedashi Tofu

Back in hostel, we helped Fang Lim celebrate his 21st birthday. We call up all his buddies come down to cafe and gave him a small surprise party. We bought him a sports t-shirt for his birthday present. We're glad that we made a right choice. He love it so much.

Fang Lim's birthday celebration at KKM Cafe

Ever since I stopped joining Tiong Hwa Club's activity, I seldom meet with them in kolej. So once in a while gather along with them even for a drink, I'll feel very happy.

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