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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Boring Holiday in KKM, UKM Bangi

Today is Thaipusam day. The whole day I'm staying inside my hostel room doing nothig.

  • Morning
I woke up went to toilet and bath. Then, I on my laptop online video call with my family and edited some photos.

My Family
My Parents

My Friend

  • Afternoon
I ate a Cup Mee and drank a cup of Neslo as lunch. Then, I tidied my things and went to bath.

  • Evening
PAP Pusat called and said want to borrow costume. Then, I bought a Chicken Burger and 2 slices of Honeydew as dinner.

Later I want to wash clothes and bath.

What a boring holiday. Very sienz. I'm counting down the days to go home for Chinese New Year holidays. 11 days more -- 11 February.

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