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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My University Life

Hmmm... Someone keeps on nagging me to update my blog. So now, I'm going to write a post about my university life.

I stay in Kolej Keris Mas [KKM].

Office Block [Side View]

Office Block [Front View]

Bus Stop

This is my kolej's website --

I'm handling some poses in my kolej.

  1. Sekretariat Jaksa Biro Informasi dan Penerbitan -- Wartawan
  2. Tiong Hwa Club -- Dance Class Assistant

  • Tiong Hwa Orientation
Chinese Traditional Dance

  • First Aid Course
Photo Taking Session

  • UKM Mooncake Festival [Pusat]
Make Up Seminar [Majolica Majorca]

This is their products website --

  • Tiong Hwa Family Day
Say Cheese!!


Vanessa and me

Pity the guy in front. Hehe.

Dinnermates and me

  • Foundation English Tutorial Class
My coursemates acting cute

Hooi Theng, Dr. Jamilah's daughter, Saiybah and me

  • Oral Communication Tutorial Class
We're surfing

Saiybah, Hooi Theng, Sin Yee, Wei Teng, me and Mr. Salleh

  • My 20th Birthday Celebration
My kolej friends, dinnermates, coursemates and me

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