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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Living A New Life in UKM Bangi

For a long time I didn't online already cause I didn't bring over my laptop with me. So, my blog stays dying for quite a moment. Hmmm.

Today I borrow my senior's laptop to use. Besides searching for some movie clips on Chinese Traditional dance since I'm in charge of this event, but I also want to online. Hehe.

Ermm. Ever since I come to study in UKM Bangi, my life do change much. At first is the orientation week. Really damn tired. I could hardly get enough sleep. Then this week started with some classes. Everyday I need to chase the bus cause if not, I'll need to wait very long time for the next bus. Buses move every half an hour in UKM.

Last sunday I went out with some seniors and a group of friends. All are Chinese students. We went to Time Square. Gosh. Damn far for me. I can't stand the long distance. Took buses, KTMs, and walking some more. Du. I vomited inside the KTM while on the way back to UKM. But luckily got a friend of mine reacted quickly and helped me.

Thanks, Lai Yee.

It's still a long way for me to get used with this new life in such a big city.

I hope that everything will go on smoothly till the day I graduate from UKM.

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